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If I'm So Smart Book CoverIf I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Get Rid of this Clutter? by Sallie Felton

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Getting our affairs in order doesn’t mean you’re looking down the barrel of your mortality. It does mean being responsible and tending to your business affairs! Make it easier for those that need to know where they can locate your important documents: who your attorney is, where you’re safe deposit is located, what bank you use, your account number, health proxy statement, etc… Let’s keep all the information together. No more searching, wading through endless files, or asking questions…have it at your fingertips! You will make it easier for yourself and those who love you.


“”If I’m so Smart – Why can’t I get Rid of all this Clutter?” I LOVE this book!! Set yourself free from clutter – dump the junk! Mental, Physical and Emotional clutter are deadly poisons which kill authentic joy. This guide teaches how to clearly identify and rectify clutter in a step-by-step process using; exercises, questionnaires, charts, and so much more. The What to do, How to do it, When to do it and quantifying tools are just a few of the tips you can trust to transform your life from a prison of clutter into endless opportunities of positive new possibilities! ‘The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more free you are.’ (Mother Teresa)” — Deb Scott, BA, CPC, Award Winning Author | Certified Coach | Top Rated Radio Host,

“Sallie hit the nail on the head! Hilarious and heartwarming. With no holds barred, this clutter coach shares the mental, physical and emotional struggles seen both personally and professionally. With examples, exercises and testimonials, you”ll learn how each of us can clear out our cobwebs, bringing more light and balance into our lives.” —Peter Walsh, NY Times best-selling author of It’s All Too Much, TV Host, “Team” Oprah

“I encourage you to read Sallie’s book and implement all of the tools she recommends. They are very practical and most importantly can help you transform your life. In what can seem like tough times for many people nowadays Sallie’s book shows you how to ‘clear out’ the clutter that can create those difficult situations and turn them into opportunities that will benefit you.” —Chaney Weiner, Founder of The Chaney Institute of Human Potential

A fan of Sallie Felton’s IF I’M SO SMART, WHY CAN’T I GET RID OF THIS CLUTTER? wanted to share his AH AH moment!
“As a third generation Collector of very useful Stuff, I am very able to identify something which is really good. I have lived for over Fifty years surrounded by things which have had their day and yet are still here. Having tried, and failed, so many ways to clear my life, my house, my car and especially my head of extraneous bits I have never given up. I admit to slowing down, after all I have a lot of weight I carry with me. Then I see a book which strikes a chord. If I’m so smart, and the tests tell me I am at genius level, then why can’t I get rid of the clutter in my life? At last someone has answered that question. My Smart has been outsmarting itself, and gotten clogged down. Sallie Felton has written THE book which has assisted me to continue, not just start, the process which allows me to clear my head, my heart and my house and go on to keep the clarity in my life. My gratitude is immense; I owe this lady my sanity, she has my heart, my thanks.”

“Sallie Felton really nails it when she asserts that physical clutter is just part of the unholy trinity of drags in our lives. If you find your space, your head, or your heart overflowing with junk or toxins, Sallie’s manual will guide you to clarity step by step. You don’t need to know where to start—you just need to open up this book to any page and get going, whether it is organizing your kitchen cabinet or finding real quality time with your partner or letting go of harmful self-talk. What makes this book so real are Sallie’s own confessions, her own courage, and of course her own triumphs, as well as those of real clients. You’ll identify with them—and find the hope and inspiration to move you down your own path to abundant energy and joy.” —Dr. Gayle Scroggs, PCC,

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Start Where You Stand ebook CoverStart Where You Stand: Finding Your True North in the Life/Work Balance, by Sallie Felton$37.99 and when ordered from this website

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“If thorny overwhelm and clutter bramble bushes are blocking your tree of life growth, Sallie Felton’s “Start Where You Stand, Finding Your True North in the Life/Work Balance” will clear your way to clarity. Her specific, fun, and easily applicable tree metaphor formulas will help you graft new gratitude branches of peace, calm, and accomplishment.” —Judith Krings, Author/speaker

Stepping Stones for SuccessStepping Stones for Success, by Sallie Felton, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Whaitley

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“In Stepping Stones to Success, Sallie examines the mental and emotional effects of the physical clutter in our lives and offers practical steps to manage our clutter ‘from the inside out.’ As my personal and business coach during a major life transition, she helped me develop an action plan and gave me the support I needed to overcome roadblocks in my journey. Sallie is a patient, compassionate coach and friend with a delightful sense of humor.” —Joan Plummer

“We all have clutter in our lives. It’s how we deal with it that matters. Been reading the book Stepping Stones to Success when Sallie’s suggestions about tackling that clutter jumped out at me. Following her advice gave me a sense of peace and a clearer outlook. Thank you for your guidance, Sallie!” &mdashAngye Fox in Tampa, Florida

“With the plethora of ‘self help’ books touting finding your way to success, there is one,“Stepping Stones to Success” that stands out from the rest on the shelf. Unlike other books which promise wealth, and focus on achieving material success, “Stepping Stones to Success” focuses on the journey. One of my favorite chapters, “Clutter from the Inside Out” is written by life coach, Sallie Felton. She explains the ‘dynamics’ of clutter, and as importantly, provides practical steps to de-clutter one’s life physically, mentally and emotionally. Her advice is elegantly simple. Her warmth, sense of humor, empathy and compassion lower one’s defenses to addressing a problem area we all struggle with. Her commitment and passion to help people experience the freedom de-cluttering brings is evident in the resources she provides to the reader including following up with her via email for further assistance.” —Mary McManus, Author, Magic 106.7′s Exceptional Women, Brookline Woman of the Year Finalist

“…read your section of the book even before reading the section written by Deepak Chopra. It’s superb! Great words of wisdom from my favorite coach! Keep on writing.” —Joan Plummer

Feel Like You Are Going Downstream? Let’s Change The Direction.

GPS For Success ($19.95) book by Sallie Felton, Stephen Covey, Dr. John Gary, Les Brown and other leader experts. This book will help you change direction if you feel like you are going downstream.GPS FOR SUCCESS, by Sallie Felton, Stephen Covey, Dr. John Gray, Les Brown and other leading experts

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“WHAT’S THE BUZZ?” What people are saying about this new EBook, CLUTTER FREE AND CLEAR

Clutter Free and Clear Ebook available now – click here for details.

“I love your ebook! Actually I am not even finished reading it, but I have read it enough to know that it is certainly something I will recommend to my clients and other people I know. In fact, I would like to use it as sort of a text book or reference book with my clients. That would make my job easier, move my clients along faster, and send some business your way.

I truly value the conciseness of the book. Everything I have read resonates with what I feel about clutter, and I have learned a great deal from the various perspectives presented. As I am reading your book, I am also reading The Secret for about the 10th time, and the two work hand in hand for me. Your book, however, provides the concreteness that many people need when they cannot quite fully grasp The Secret yet. It all works for me!”
Jane Given, Ph.D., LLC

“I can’t thank you enough for your book, “Clutter Free and Clear”. As a coach and psychologist, I’ve read a number of books and articles about clutter.  Your book is so much more than a clutter book:  it’s a manual for living a better life.  I took your suggestion and started with Holiday Stress.  It was a miracle, I was able to declutter the season and experience the spiritual significance without being tired, overwhelmed, or financially over-extended! Your book has literally saved me hundreds of dollars. Besides spending less on the holidays, I have found so many useful items that I forgot that I even owned. I also benefited from your teleseminars and the chapter” You Love It, You Need It, Where and How to Keep It”. While we were moving recently, I discovered that I was a sentimental, secret hoarder.  I hid all of my clutter in the attic and basement. I would have never survived our move without your book and classes. You’ve taught me how to honor the memories without holding on to every single memento. I really responded positively to your coaching style. You have a way of being sensitive and practical all at the same time.

I also appreciated the way you modeled for us by sharing your own journey in your blog. I recommend your book and classes to all of my clients and friends.  Thanks again for helping us break free from our clutter.”
-Mary K Richardson, Ph.D., C.M.C.
Licensed Psychologist and Certified MentorCoach, NJ

“I read Kathy Burnett’s Strength Advantage hoping to find a clue in to how to get myself to unclutter my house. My impulse has been to periodically go through the house like a tornado and throw out everything that did not have a place. It works to declutter, but often things are thrown out that should not have been. I like her system better.

This idea of using my strengths to approach my organizing abilities is novel. I want to go with the flow and help myself to be consistently organized, but in a way that I like not that someone else tells me I should like. Her chapter gave me permission to use my preferences to set up where things go so I can find them easily and put things away easily.  What a mind blowing concept.

Organize by my preferences and using my strengths of teamwork (we can all work together in my house); kindness (I sure don’t want to leave all this stuff for my family to have to clean out); my love of beauty (my house is lovely when things are where they are supposed to be); gratitude (I am so grateful to be able to find things quickly); and play (I can make this a game…the timer is set for 10 minutes for me to get all this put up where it goes and we all race the clock)!!! Whee.

I love her characters, especially Helga hoarder. The suggestions for each strength was useful as well to get me started on how to use my strengths to organize better. The worksheet was useful as well. She is organized in her approach and it is easy to read and take in quickly. My hat is off to anyone who can keep my attention for several pages when I am trying to get myself in gear for the day.

Thank you Kathy. You are inspiring me to find my flow and go with it as I set my goals for being more organized on a consistent basis.”
Alice Hardin, LPC

“After reading all the options for getting organized I can’t wait to get started. I’m the type that thinks I know how to do it, but I can’t get started because I don’t know where to begin and I feel overwhelmed. I’ve got one of those garages and one of those basements. I actually feel like I can take on the clutter now!”
-Carol Sanger, MA

“It’s all about feeling good, and Tara Sheldon gets that message across in every page of her book. She has made a huge difference in my life, showing me how to multitask precious space in my home office and how to look at different areas in my home with her mantra, “feel good in your space!”

Tara uses a Wheel of Space to focus on each area of our home. Does a living room have to be a living room? Not in Tara’s world… or in mine. She teaches us how to look at any room and find the best use for it. The result? Wow! My home works… every room of it, and it was all so obvious after I completed the process. With planning, creativity, humor, and some Feng Shui thrown in, Tara shows us how we can take advantage of our space to “feel good.”

Surprisingly, Tara starts with the outside of our home! The path we take to get home is a journey Tara recognizes as setting the stage for our daily “feel good” exercise. We may like our home as it is, but how do we feel when we get close to it or even approach the front door? I work at home, so my “front door” is the area immediately outside my office. With Tara’s help, it’s now more than just a hallway; it’s an energizing and welcoming experience in sight, sound, smell, and touch. As a bonus, every idea Tara offers comes with helpful green and Feng Shui tips. There’s truly something for everyone here!

Tara helps us use appropriately the areas where we accumulate clutter. This is key… use the convenient space where and how you need it. Easy? Yep. And Tara teaches us how—in every room and “feel good” space. Tara doesn’t try to change us; she just wants to help us “feel good.”
-Linda J. Ferlaak, St. Cloud, MN

“Just finished reading the chapters….spoke to me in more ways than one.  I need to get going on more organizing and cleaning out of these areas of my life.  Simple concepts and practices for all of us to adapt too-at least once a year, but more like once a quarter. We all know the feeling (at least I do in my long term memory bank) of ridding ourselves of unwanted and unused items we have collected and moved from one space to another for years.  The fresh start or cleared space allows for clarity and perspective. Simple is best!  Always has been and always will be……

Clutter weighs you down-clearing lightens your life, and organizing helps for efficiency and frankly more fun with less hassle!”
-Carey Nielsen, MA

“The way you use your time is the way you live your life.” Paula Eder’s friendly, focused guide inspires me to make the most of my day. Step by step, I’ve learned how to clarify priorities, make proactive time choices and successfully establish assertive boundaries.“Your Basket of Time” tops the list when it comes to learning value-driven time management skills.”
-Alison Scott, Graphic Designer, Francestown, NH

“Kathy’s ‘Strength Advantage’ approach for becoming clutter-free is so ‘user-friendly’! I particularly liked how she gave me clear strategies for maximizing my strengths in the process of creating my best space. I also love her humor and encouragement of each person’s uniqueness.”
-Deb Chisholm

“This chapter has been immensely helpful to me. It’s given me a very innovative and fun way to look at all the things that clutter up my life and mind. Even more important, it’s given me the tools–by teaching me how to apply my own personal strengths–to make major changes in the way I do things that have truly made a difference.”
-Lynne Berrett

“As usual, Sallie has brought to the forefront of all that’s “organization” critical help on getting us happily and peacefully through one of the most joyous holiday seasons of the year. In her usual, step-by-step, no-nonsense approach, Sallie guides us through every chore, taking the “chore” out of it. Holidays are meant to be fun and shared with family, friends, children, and pets. Everyone counts, and Sallie pulls no punches in reminding us we also count.Sallie’s “secret” is to be accountable… to ourselves and to our goal. No excuses, no procrastination, no disruptions. ‘Sound impossible? Not with Sallie’s approach. With cleverness, good humor, and a clear, focused eye, Sallie is right there with us, helping us set and reach each of our goals. There is a lot of common sense here, but I must not have much, as Sallie has taught me a great deal about relaxing and enjoying every step of the holiday marathon… through proper (and easy!) organization. Combining detailed common-sense tips and “green” tips, Sallie reminds us to keep safe and environmentally friendly. Sallie doesn’t just give a list of “to do” items but tips and tricks to make those little things easy, creative, and fun. Everything from planning a few months ahead to closing the season neatly with next year’s holiday in mind are included in this e-book. Every page is a treasure of discovery. This is a quick read, and Sallie has made it easy for us to find what we need help with (even if we didn’t know before now!). I’m ready to go and can hardly wait for the holidays, even though it’s 80 degrees and sunny today. Use the worksheets and notebook Sallie recommends and you’ll find yourself enjoying the height of the holiday season with no stress… really! This is Sallie at her best.”
-Linda J. Ferlaak, St. Cloud, MN

Clutter Free and Clear Ebook available now – click here for details.

Who’s Sailing Your Business’ Boat?


by: Sallie Felton, Gayle Scroggs, Raman Mace, Nick Head, Tracey Williams & Susan Davenport

Most successful small business owners embody a floating balance of three different trait dimensions, Entrepreneur, Manager and Specialist (EMS). With an optimal blend of all three, the growth, viability, and operational success of the business can be greatly improved. The S-Boat is designed to identify your own EMS profile so that, as a small business owner, you can identify areas to emphasize or de-emphasize.

Based on Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, our user-friendly, self-scoring tool allows small business owners to analyze their relative strengths on those three critical dimensions studied in class: Entrepreneur, Manager, and Specialist (the term we prefer to “Technician”).

The questionnaire emphasizes the importance of striving for an appropriate balance among those three traits.




    Tests, self evals and more
    • “The Greening of Business”
    • “Green Business Questions from the E-Myth Insider”
    • “Wearing All The Hats…Being An Entrepreneur”
    • “Add Value To Your Business”
    • “Successful Selling On The Internet”
    • “Top Athletes Have Coaches-Why Not Business Owners?”
  • About Sallie Felton
    • What is Coaching?
    • “Help On The Waves” newspaper article about Sallie
    • Sallie Felton’s Brochure, Business Card, Book Marker

We hope you will find it an ideal starting point for working with entrepreneurs, be it in workshops or with individuals, as it quickly identifies what is working and what needs attention.

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Don’t delay.

Don’t you want to be the best Entrepreneur you can?

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