Hire Sallie

Sallie Felton is available to speak on a variety of topics, including how to reduce stress, clear clutter and practicing self-care techniques designed to help you live your best life inside and out.

Most notably, Sallie has participated in events hosted by:

  • The American Heart Association
  • Bay Path College
  • MaryKay Cosmetics
  • Moms of Multiples
  • WINGS EXPO, Celebrating the Whole Women
  • Spirit of Change EXPO
  • MentorCoach Alliance of Positive Psychology
  • North Shore Women In Business/Downtown Business Club
  • Coastal Capital Group
  • Northeast Senior Health
  • B.I.G (Believe, Inspire, Grow) Group
  • Global Women’s Summit
  • Motivation Marathon with Deb Scott and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
  • Positive Mental Shift with Mal Duane
  • Stop Your Drama with Marlene Chism
  • Fairing Way
  • The Joy Source
  • Atria Senior Living Group
  • Partner’s Home Care
  • C.A.R.E.S. Club
  • Boston Meet-Up
  • Women on the Move
  • The Vincent Club
  • Takes A Village
  • Your Best Life
  • Congregational Church of Topsfield
  • First Church in Wenham
  • Lauralyn J. Brown, DVM, Veterinary Hospital
  • North Shore Forum
  • Topsfield Housing on Aging
  • 4 Women on the Move
  • The Beverly Hospital
  • Penguin Hall
  • Hamilton Wenham Library

“Sallie gave a wonderful presentation at our event this February on Cleaning Out: The Heavy Price of Clutter. She was engaging, informative and extremely professional. She came ready to go and willing to pitch in and help; how wonderful! We have already received feedback from our guests on how helpful they have found it. One said “She just made it seem so much more manageable by breaking it down into simpler parts.” Clutter can be overwhelming but by attending a presentation of Sallie’s, you will absolutely leave feeling like you conquer anything!” —Rita Briggs, Fairing Way

“Thank you for a fantastic workshop, here is the feedback on the weekend evaluation forms: “This was amazing! I learned so much! Can’t wait to read the book!”, “Well formatted, helpful”, “Helpful hints and good ideas!”, “I bought her book!”, “This was wonderful!” ” —The Joy Source

“Sallie Felton has a wonderful way of connecting her message with the audience. Recently, I had the honor of inviting her to speak and the pleasure of hearing her presentation. I found her to be engaging, professional and informative. The advice and wisdom she shared on removing clutter (emotional and physical) was enlightening. I found that she really connected with the audience. Her presentation truly made one stop and think about looking at one’s current situation and putting the right tools into place to bring one to a place they desire. I strongly recommend others to contact her for an uplifting and insightful presentation. She was a pleasure to work with. ” —Bonnie Akerson

“Thanks so much Sallie for leading us Tuesday in a terrific discussion about “what we need”. Your support and mentorship are priceless! Our group just hummed yesterday, with everyone engaged in thoughtful discussion and powerful group collaboration. That’s what B.I.G. is all about. Sallie, we look forward to getting your de-cluttering presentation notes- perfect for spring fever!” —B.I.G. Wellesley Pod

“Thank you so much! It was wonderful meeting you. I felt very inspired after your presentation and I’m looking forward to implementing your suggestions on business and organization into On An Inhale.” —B.I.G. Wellesley Pod

“There are many people who touch one’s life as we journey through it, but none like Sallie Felton. Her exuberance, insight, awareness, and understanding of life’s challenges, along with her compelling and positive spirit, make her a joy to be with as a mentor, coach, and friend. Her enthusiasm and commitment for helping others is unwavering…Seek her out! Sallie is truly the guide that will take you through the tunnel to find ‘Your Light’.” —Paula Klee, President/CEO of Performance Solutions, Inc. and Founder of Women on the MOVE Network, in Long Island, NY.

“We were fortunate to be able to have Sallie Felton as our guest speaker in our residence. She had some great insight and helpful tips to share regarding simplifying your life. There are many hurdles to cross when your life changes, and being able to de-clutter your mind, as well as your environment, could be the most challenging of all.” ” —Judy Kane, Director of Sales at The Herrick House

“She fills the room, engages the audience … Sallie Felton, author and speaker is on fire. She is on fire with passion and a mission to get us all clutter free emotionally, mentally and physically. Sallie’s message is down-to-earth and humorous. Her call to action is confident and firm. You will leave one of her presentations with numerous NEW ideas on your To Do list to gain control of your time, space and life.”
Betsy Day, Professional Development Trainer and Consultant, Special Projects Consulting, LLC, and Signature Presence at Work

“Sallie’s last gathering in Hamilton was a packed house. She is passionate about her message and compassionate with her clients. She breaks it all down to make an overwhelming issue bearable. Follow her guidance and you’ll be sure to push through your biggest fears and accomplish a lifelong hurtle. She is the best!”
Regina Reis, Founder, CEO, OF WOMEN

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Sallie, on behave of the Medford/Malden Senior Provider Group for your time and presentation. We were very excited and honored to have you speak at our group meeting. Your presentation was informative and helpful and your demeanor delightful. We all felt more eager to tackle our daily lives after learning of your methods.

Having personally referred to your presentation on more than one occasion, I can attest to the validity of the material. I have utilized your Pie chart for several of my life’s areas and have found it to be insightful. I can say that I have you to thank for a bit more control over my own life. Knowing how you have affected me I am confident you can touch any audience.

We are looking forward to having you again with a book signing.” —Thomas M. Libby, Community Outreach Director, Atria Maplewood Place

“On Behalf of the American Heart Association. I am very happy to endorse Life Coach Sallie Felton.

Sallie Felton was a guest speaker during one of the breakout sessions at the 2010 Go Red For Women Educational Forum and Luncheon, which took place on February 23 in Springfield, MA. Over 400 women were in attendance and most of the women that day attended the 45-minute workshop. The feedback on her session: A Fresh Start: How to Be Your Best From the Inside Out, was extremely positive.

I found Ms. Felton to be very prompt, professional, and flexible with our altered schedule. Ms. Felton also assisted us by participating in impromptu media interviews and provided excellent reinforcement to our message to women on living a healthier life.

I would definitely invite Sallie Felton to speak at future American Heart Association events and would encourage fellow event directors and other organizations to do the same.
Linda Martins, Corporate Events Director, American Heart Association

“I want to thank you for presenting at The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Luncheon 2010. Your message to the women in attendance was both important and inspiring….Attendees and committee members found you to be warm, funny, incredibly informative, knowledgeable and absolutely genuine….I feel you truly care for every person you meet. You help all of find a place where we can recognize our dreams and prioritize and organize the journey to make our dreams a reality!” —Rebecca Sears, Co-chair, The American Heart Association Go Red for Women Luncheon

“I had the pleasure of working directly with Sallie when I was the facilitator for a virtual tele-gathering presented by the MentorCoach Alliance for Positive Psychology. On our program that month, Sallie was part of a 3 person forum that was designed to offer our members new coaching insights in some Positive Psychology approaches/strategies that could be used by their clients during stressful times such as family holiday gathering. Sallie was a joy for me to work with and our members learned a lot from her shared experiences and unique perspectives. All in all it was a very enjoyable and educational experience for all and Sallie played a major role in making it a success.”
Judith Bischof, Achievement and Well Being Life Coach, Creative Focusing Resources

“Had a chance this week to tune-in with the MCAPP Teleconference which featured Sallie Felton. Her energy was catching and inspiring. She shared so many interesting experiences about developing her radio show. It gave me new ideas to think about to expand my coaching work.”
Louise C. Success Coach, Speaker and Author

“I just had to tell you again what a fantastic program – world-class! Nice job, thanks so much for creating such a positive impact on our group.”
Christine Letterman, Member of North Shore Women In Business

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience you provided at the networking event. Everyone I spoke with loved it! We at our table felt that it set the exact tone necessary for folks who want to grow their business. I too believe that you get back so much more when you give.”
Nancy D’Anna, D’Anna Imaging, Member of North Shore Women In Business

“Thanks so much for your guided networking last night Sallie – I learned so much more about the women at my table than I have in the past with conventional networking… Thanks again, Jayn”
Jayn Krasco Stillson, Personal, Financial, Business & Golf Coaching & Consulting, Member of North Shore Women in Business

“Sallie did a wonderful networking event for the North Shore Women in Business. I was amazed at how relaxed and at ease she made everyone feel. Sallie had us all get out of our comfort zone and reveal a little bit about ourselves. I have been networking with these women for a while a learned something new about each person I was seated with. I would gladly do this again.”
Gayla Bartlett, Cranney Self Storage, Member of North Shore Women In Business

“On February 11, 2010 I was lucky to attend NSWIB meeting with Sallie Felton facilitating a workshop “People do business with people they know and like”. It was the most amazing workshop I attended in the last 12 months.
This workshop really expanded our horizons in understanding what we all have in common and appreciating our differences. It was a very rewarding experience in sharing, trusting, getting to know other people, communicating and feeling deeply connected. Sallie masterfully led the process with her thought-provoking questions and tasks that generated discussions, and she let us to make all those wonderful discoveries about ourselves and each other. Indeed, it was a job well done! Great job, Sallie!”
Lana Rudym, Interior Designer, Member of North Shore Women In Business

“I truly enjoyed the evening…amazing how much ground you covered in an hour and a half. What a wonderful turnout!”
Linda Crosby

“Dear Sallie, Fabulous … you were a smash last night. I’m so glad that I got to see you do what you do best.”
Attendee at Hamilton Wenham Library

“I really enjoyed your talk on clutter tonight at the library. It was very well attended. I look forward to reading your book and recommending it to my group members. It was informative and inspiring and will help motivate me to eliminate the mental, physical & emotional clutter that is taking up space in my life and keeping me stuck and holding me back from pursuing my dreams and fulfilling my life purpose. I enjoy listening to your Fresh Start podcast on iTunes.”
Attendee at Hamilton Wenham Library

“You were amazing. So much to think about, so much to try. You are so inspiring and you talk from the heart making us all feel shameless.”
Attendee at Hamilton Wenham Library

To Whom It May Concern:

Our group, B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow), had Sallie Felton speak at our monthly meeting in January of 2012. Were we ever in for a knowledge-packed evening! First of all, Sallie is an extremely warm person. I spoke with her on many occasions prior to her speaking engagement about the evening. She asked all of the right questions about our group to make certain that she focused her message appropriately to meet our needs.

She spoke on the following topic: “Taking the Plunge: Start that Business You’ve Been Dreaming About.”

Sallie drew the audience in in a matter of minutes. She included them in part of the conversation.

She exceeded our expectations and here’s what some in the audience had to say after our meeting.

“Sallie Felton is the best speaker we’ve had yet!”

“I never realized that fear was so easy to deal with if I simply write down the fears I have about starting my own business. It doesn’t look so scary after all!”

“My biggest takeaway from Sallie’s presentation was to make me think long and hard about my strengths. Sallie helped me realize that I don’t have to be strong at everything when it comes to running a business. It is perfectly okay to look for and ask for help from others in the areas where I am not as strong. This was eye opening for me!”

“Sallie’s discussion tonight has given me the inspiration I need to take the next steps towards the new direction I have considered for my business.”

“Sallie’s puzzle exercise made it clear what I need to do next to grow my business.”

“One of the aspects of tonight’s presentation that I found particularly helpful was Sallie’s recommendation of books she has read that tied back into her presentation tonight. I can’t wait to go buy at least 3 of them, including her new book, If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Get Rid Of This Clutter?”.

“Sallie is a true expert in her field. I look forward to hearing her on the radio to get more advice from her in the future. My number one take-away is that I have to be accountable to myself to take the next step. I will also team up with a friend to make sure I meet my milestones, too!”

We would be incredibly lucky to have her back to speak to our group in the future. She is a gifted woman who shared her incredible wisdom with our audience. We all walked away with manageable “SMART (simple/specific; measurable; attainable; realistic; time-oriented)” goals focused on starting a business or improving our existing businesses. Sallie helped us focus on the goals that are most important for each of us to realize our own successes.

Lynne Willets, 781.593.6614; lynnewillets.big@comcast.net
Leader, Marblehead/Swampscott Pod
B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow)

“I had the pleasure of meeting Sallie Felton, Life Coach, a few years back. She was such a joy to get to know. I feel she was one of our top speakers at our convention. She was very easy to get to know which made our planning much easier. Our convention hosts approximately 150 – 200 people. Sallie was very receptive of our mission and was more than accommodating to us. Being a mother herself, it was very easy for her to understand our triumphs and was willing to share her knowledge with us… Each room I scheduled for Sallie to speak was fully booked. Many told me afterwards that they really appreciated her and what she had said. They felt they could relate to all that she said and was glad to go home with information to follow up with. She provided each person who attended, not only with verbal information, but with a folder filled with information for future reference.”

“I appreciate Sallie for all that she had done for us. She was more than pleasurable to plan with and I know all who attended her workshops went home with a wealth of information. I would work with Sallie in any aspect at any future time. Please do not hesitate to have anyone contact me on this matter. “ — Linda D’Urso, Chairperson, Mother of Twins Annual Convention

“Sallie Felton’s presentation as part of the MMOTA State Convention in 2007 was a wonderful addition to the variety topics on hand for convention goers. I found Sallie to be such a dynamic individual with so much information to share. I truly got a lot out of her workshop. In a packed room of complete strangers Sallie’s ease with people made us all feel comfortable, as if we were chatting amongst old friends. Her creative interactive activities that she used during her talk made this the kind of presentation that really gets you thinking. I think any group would be fortunate to have Sallie come and present to them.” —Jennifer Donnelly, MMOTA Conference attendee


Contact Sallie about speaking at your next meeting, conference or event, or download her press kit here.

Positive Mental Shift:**Living Life with Passion and
Purpose series**

It’s time to Release the Shackles of the Past! We Did…Come
and Hear 12 Visionary Women Share their Story,


We’ve all heard stories of women who have overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and transformed their lives and wondered how they did it! Well you’re about to find out when you join me for the FREE 6 week *Positive Mental Shift:**Living Life with Passion and Purpose series**.*

I’m joining eleven inspiring women- from best-selling authors to transformational coaches – who come together to share our intimate stories of awakening and personal transformation with Host Mal Duane, Recovery and Empowerment Coach and estselling Author.

*This series is unlike any other*! When Mal shared her vision with me of bringing together a powerful group of women to bravely share their personal story of awakening and transformation with the intent to empower other women — I immediately said *YES!*

Mal has brought us together with the collective intent to empower YOU to believe that YOU have the inner power and wisdom to change your self-defeating thoughts, habits & overcome any obstacle to live a life of passion & Purpose. We did it and YOU can too!

Meet the other Inspiring Women


2013 is YOUR year to release the limiting beliefs holding you back from living a life of passion & purpose. It is possible — *no matter what* your life looks like right now. I’ve been there and I remember what it felt like to feel as if I were struggling alone and
that no one would “get it’. Since then I’ve discovered that we’re never alone. There are amazing women who have walked the path ahead of us and are willing to share their wisdom and lessons learned with us…

*Women Who Have Been There… *

Women like me and my eleven co-speakers as well as Host Mal Duane whose own story of struggle and transformation will inspire you. Each woman knows first-hand what it takes to move forward, break through life’s roadblocks and release the self-oubt that once held her back. Our collective vision is that EVERY woman awakens to the truth of who she is and boldly, bravely lives a life of passion and purpose.


The Positive Mental Shift series kicks off on Tuesday, February 5th with Inspirational Publisher Linda Joy — a former single, welfare mom and queen of self-sabotage turned bestselling Inspirational Publisher who has dedicated her life to empowering and inspiring women to believe in the power within.

The inspiration continues for six weeks! Twice a week you can listen live or via the replay to the inspiring stories of transformation AND each week you’ll receive two free transformational gifts to support you on your journey.

*Living a Life of Passion and Purpose is possible! It begins here*


Join us beginning February 5th for the Positive Mental Shift series where you will discover how you can …

  • *Let Go of Past Perceptions and Old Stories* that have been weighing you down!
  • *Release the Limiting Beliefs* that are holding you back from living a life of passion and purpose!
  • *Understand Where Change* is Needed in Your Life and the steps to move forward!
  • *Claim the Happiness you Desire AND Deserve!* You’ve struggled long
  • *Access Your Inner Wisdom* that has always been there waiting for you!
  • *Take the Conscious Action Steps* to start living the life you

And much, much more. It’s time to awaken the Alpha Chick within and your journey starts here.

*REGISTER TODAY* for FREE ACCESS to all 12 Live calls (and Replays) as well as the 12 free transformational gifts.

I look forward to “seeing” you there!

Sallie Felton, Life Coach and International Talk Radio Host

PS — All the details will be emailed to you as soon as you register! *REGISTER TODAY*

Interview Sallie

Well-versed in a multitude of subjects, Sallie shines especially bright when the conversation turns to what we can do to shift our focus in life to what’s most true, meaningful and authentic to us. Her insight and sense of humor along with a deep sense of compassion are the gifts she brings to inspire audiences to action.

Sallie has appeared as a guest on several talk radio shows, including:

Contact Sallie about being a guest on your show or download her press kit here.


Monthly General Dinner Meeting

Guest Speaker: Sallie Felton
Sallie discusses some of the key points from her new book on why  you’ve got it and how to lose it! Let’s face it; everyone has clutter. But did you know there are two other forms. What about the mental and emotional clutter in your life? And it’s all interconnected.

June 5, 2013
6pm to 9pm

Garden Grill
64 N Country Rd, Smithtown, NY
$40.00 Member Pre-paid
$45.00 Non-Member Pre-paid
$50.00 All Non-Prepaid

Please Register on our Website: www.womenonthemoveli.com
For more information, please contact WOTM Founder, Paula Klee Parish at paula@paulakleeparish.com


Want your life to be more organized, simplified with less stuff around you or flying around in your head?

Due to popular demand, I am combining the workshops to include the 3 types of clutter:


Mental, Physical and Emotional

4 Interactive Tele-Workshops

Tuesdays, April 9, 16, 23, 30

(9-10 PST – 12-1pm EST)


Thursdays, April 11, 18, 25 and May 2

(5-6pm PST – 8-9pm EST)

NOTE: Early Bird Registration $99 for 4 sessions. After March 27, $125 for 4 sessions (School vacation a problem? No worries, we will work it out)

New Conference Call number and PIN will be given

  1. Dealing with and Removing Mental Clutter
  2. Too Much Stuff, What Stays and What Goes, Physical Clutter
  3. This Hurts, Emotional Clutter
  4. OMG, Get Rid of This!, Paper and Digital Clutter 4 sessions am and pm

Choose Tuesday or Thursday; can’t do one but another? No problem… combine them.

To register: Email sallie@salliefeltonlifecoach.com ; Subject: Workshop


Scheduled upcoming events are listed below. Interested in learning about further upcoming workshops and teleclasses? Click HERE, complete the short form on that page, and all special events will be forwarded to you.

    • March 8, 2013 – Wicked Local Marblehead

Click HERE for More Information Contact Sallie about upcoming events or download her press kit here.

Contact Sallie about upcoming events or download her press kit here.

In Print

Interviews with Sallie have appeared in Home Magazine, American Chronicle (“The Ups and Down of Life Coaching” by Jay Lillie, 1/25/2010) and The Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle.

Sallie’s latest interview, with Forbes Magazine will be published in its August, 2010 issue.

HERE’S A REALITY CHECK…WHAT IS YOUR CLUTTER COSTING YOU, read and weep…now what are you going to do about it? Remember tiny steps forward…


Contact Sallie about interviewing her for your publication or download her press kit here.


ABC KMIZ-TV Columbia, MO
Air Date: Sat 4/21 1130a

NBC WVLA-TV Baton Rouge, LA
Air Date: Sat 4/21 530p

CBS KMEG TV Sioux City, IA
Air Date: Saturday 4/21/12 @ 1130a

FOX KPTH (FOX) TV Sioux City, IA
Air Date: Sunday 4/22 @ 11a

Sallie Felton speaking at North Shore Business Forum with Sheila Cran-Barry

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