January 23, 2013

Issue 132

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Ending Addiction for Good 





Lance, Lance, Lance...If "eyes are the windows to the soul",

I'm worried for you


Did anyone else see Oprah's 2 interviews with Lance Armstrong? Apparently I wasn't the only one. Did something catch your eye? Pun intended...His eyes. (Yes, they are a beautiful shade of blue) but what were they saying? I sensed a fierce gaze, a continued defiance, meanness, and the prominent "win at all costs". Yes, he did apologize; it's never too late. But I felt the interview was orchestrated, coached and controlled.

The only true sadness in his eyes was in the minutes he spoke about his son Luke who continued to defend his father to others. "Lying to him was no longer an option."


Oprah asked, "What is the moral of your story?" He couldn't answer it. She answered by saying, "The truth will set you free." I hesitate to say, he is far from knowing what real truth is. When people are so caught up in themselves and control every outcome no matter who they destroy, it will take much more for them to come full circle. I commend him for seeking therapy, but he's going to have to reprogram his thinking to overcome the bully who lives inside of him. He'll walk the talk or not; seeing is believing.



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With the radio now on hold and behind me for now, I am taking my newsletter and filling it with tidbits, resources and up-to-date information.  Each month I will focus on a theme; Here's what I have outlined:


JANUARY................New Year New You, Be Kind to Yourself

FEBRUARY..............Relationships, Making Them Positive

MARCH.....................Shoveling Out, Finding Your Authenticity

APRIL........................How to Blossom from the Inside Out  

MAY...........................Decluttering: Mental, Physical & Emotional

JUNE.........................Self Care, Finding Time for You

JULY..........................Making more with Family Fun

AUGUST....................What's Important vs. Priority

SEPTEMBER.............What We Learn from Transitions

OCTOBER.................Letting Go Doesn't Need to be so Hard

NOVEMBER.............Remaking Traditions...Yours

DECEMBER..............Do You Need More Stuff? Giving of Self


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This month of January, I'm giving you tips, resources and tools to help you be the best you can be...~Listen in...Sallie's interview with James Rick highlighting "How to Declutter from the Inside Out"...Click here to listen 



Sallie's latest TV Interview with "SIMPLY TALKING SHOW",  on December 4, 2012.

Title:  IF I'M SO SMART, WHY DO I HAVE THIS CLUTTER?  (The 3 forms:  Mental, Phsical and Emotional and how it affects us all.)

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~Listen in...Sallie was recently interviewed by Kate Hennessy's radio show, "Get Through The Cobwebs of Life" ...where she discussed..."Are you constipated with clutter?" 

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~Listen in...Sallie's interview with James Rick highlighting "How to Declutter from the Inside Out"...

Click here to listen


January 19, 2013 New Year New You

Archived Show

Wednesday, 01/06/10 (3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12 noon PST)

Guest: Sallie Felton, International Talk Radio Host, Life/Transition Coach, Author

We encounter clutter everywhere--at home, at work and in our minds. But what may not be obvious is how much that clutter blocks energy, creativity and peace of mind. Life/Transition coach and radio personality, Sallie Felton, will share her invaluable techniques for decluttering our personal and professional lives from the inside out. She will give you tools as to what YOU as a busy individual can do to free yourself from clutter's hold and move forward. Let's find that time for you.






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