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"A Fresh Start"

February 3, 2010
Vol 213 Issue 220


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Wed., February 3, 2010

Guest: Amy Racina

Topic: Angels in the Wilderness: The Story of One Woman's Survival Against All Odds

While backpacking in a remote part of California's Kings Canyon National Park, the ground gave way, and author Amy Racina plummeted 60 feet onto a granite boulder. Off-trail, utterly alone in deep wilderness, with both legs shattered and little hope of rescue, she dragged herself along with her hands for three heartbreaking days, refusing to give up. Heard by chance by a distant hiker and air-lifted to safety only hours before death, Angels in the Wilderness is a stunning tale of despair, courage, faith, and hope. Amy's book is an affirmation of miracles, a tale of survival against all odds.

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