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Dear Sallie,





When one begins to do tackle a project, do you envision the task to be huge, overwhelming and/or would you just like to shut the door and call it quits? Do you move onto another area or procrastinate?


Our daughter is home for two weeks and juicing has become part of her routine. The fridge has every food group known to man and the kitchen counters are laden with blenders, juicing equipment and attachments I have never seen. I am amazed at what is produced; as she says "steroids" of nutrition all in one. Try carrot, apple and a "smidge" of spinach; I have to admit it is yummy...I'll have another!!!


Then on the dining room table are the piles of information for the taxes; yes, now ready to go. I seem to want clear counter space, clean surfaces and yet my own office looks like a bomb went off in it. It always does after I have done a workshop out of town. Which brings me to what to tackle? My mantra has always been START WHERE YOU STAND. Pick one area and cut it into halves or thirds...but do one thing and complete it. Use a kitchen time to keep you focused or listen to your favorite CD. It is not the duration of time which matters; it is the small steady steps done FREQUENTLY which gets the job done. Remember the story of the rabbit and the hare? Which one will you be today? Ok, I need to see my desk...I'm on it.







Ann McIndoo


Preparing to Write

What to do BEFORE you pick up your pen! Ann McIndoo photo


By   Ann is an Author, Speaker and Author's Coach.  Ann worked with Anthony Robbins as his Creative Assistant on his recent book and describes her year with Tony as "a university in the art of writing a book".  She has helped authors produce more than 800 books via her Author's Coaching Program, Author's Boot Camps, Private Author Retreats and Author's CEO program.  Ann has written four books of her own and is currently ghostwriting her ninth book.  She can be reached at or learn more about her at

Ann McIndoo

Your Author's Coach


Author of "7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book"

Amazon #1 Bestseller!


7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book The first thing you want to do before you begin writing is to prepare to write - just like anything you do, you prepare.  Let me give you an example:


I would like you to think of something that you really enjoy doing.  How do you like to have fun?  Do you like to cook, play golf or tennis, sew, go jogging?  What is your favorite hobby or sport?  Think of your favorite hobby or sport and answer one very important question:  Before you participate in this favorite activity, what do you do prior to starting? 


Here's my guess: 


  • You make plans to do it - perhaps set a date or time
  • Put on certain clothes (running shoes, apron or favorite golf hat)
  • Gather your tools or equipment
  • Think about how you are going to do it
  • Go to a certain place  (tennis court, golf course, kitchen)
  • Have fun!

 In other words, you plan and prepare!  Think about it for a minute, let's use playing golf as an example: 


  • You set up a tee time
  • Put on your golf clothes
  • Pack your golf clubs
  • Go to the golf course
  • Meet your golf pals
  • Have a great time golfing!

It is the exactly the same thing with writing!  Yes, it's true!  Just like preparing to play golf or do anything you enjoy doing, getting prepared for your upcoming writing appointment gives you the same experience:  a fantastic writing session.


So how do you get into the creative zone - that magical place where everything comes out exactly the way you want it?  How do you know what your creative zone is?  How do you know when you are in it?  What does it look like and how does it feel? 


I've asked many writers, authors and speakers what their creative zones were like and how they got there.  It is different for everyone.  The one thing that I found was true for everyone was that when they started to speak about it, they got into it.


That "special place" is a magical place for sure, where you are totally "into" what you are doing, like relishing a fine meal, enjoying passionate sex or losing yourself in a fantastic movie.  In this heightened, creative state, you are totally concentrated and focused and your energy is pulsing through you.  This is "the zone" where all creativity flourishes. 


 When I'm in my creative zone, I feel:


ê    Happy and excited - I can't wait to get started!

ê    Unstoppable!  I'm going to write everything I want!

ê    Inspired - overflowing with ideas!

ê    No sense of time - it just flies by!

ê    Juicy - I have lots of content, ready to come out!


When I get into my creative zone, I cannot write fast enough!  I start laughing and smiling and wow!  What a great place to be.  I enjoy and savor every minute. 


The amazing part of this is that you can enter your creative zone anytime you wish!  As often as you like!  For as long as you want!   I know this to be true, because I do it myself every day, using my Writer's Power Tools™.


If you would you like to learn how to create your own Writer's Power Tools™ , the key that opens the door to your creative zone and what I call, writing "on demand", simply email me at and I will send you a copy of my ebook, "Creating Your Writer's Power Tools:  Writing on Demand".  My gift to you!


To your writing success!




Ann McIndoo

Author's Coach

Author of "7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book!"  Amazon #1 Bestseller!


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