March 6, 2013 


Issue 137

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Dear Sallie,





Wow March is finally here!  Spring is in the air and I am so excited. There is so much to announce in this newsletter: 1) Yup - another book, 2) introducing my new GUEST SPONSOR, the renown, Ann McIndoo and 3) April's 3 Types of Clutter workshop with dates/times/$. Read more below.


Our theme this month is "SHOVELING OUT...Finding Your Authenticity" and with that I want to share an article I wrote:





 "If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I'd want to pass along to is to B.E. Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F.
Let me share this acronym.


B = Be yourself

E = Escape into nature


Y = Yuck it up! Laugh

O = Offer a helping hand

U = Use humor daily

R = Relax by nurturing yourself

S = Simplify your life

E = Engage with others

L = Listen more, talk less

F = Face your fears


Being yourself comes from a place of authenticity and empowerment. It is not losing your voice, but saying your truth. It is accepting all of you; your strengths and your weaknesses.


When you are Escaping into nature there is a rekindling of the heart/soul from a cellular level. It is leaving the myriad of daily to do tasks, all the distractions and becoming quiet, observant and curious with the beauty around you. What can you see that you did not yesterday?


Nothing brings you to life as laughter, so Yuck it up! The saying "Laughter is the best medicine" is more potent than you could ever imagine. When was the last time you had a belly laugh; how did you feel?


Have you been the recipient of another's generosity? Offering a helping hand to someone or some cause brings you out of yourself. You are cemented in the present moment. Give freely; give with no expectation of reciprocity.


Be willing to laugh at and with yourself by Using humor daily. It takes way too much energy to be serious.It takes more muscles to frown than to giggle a lot. It is infectious.


Relax by nurturing yourself; take a "time out" each day for doing something just for you. You deserve it! What is it that brings a smile to your face? What is your passion? Can't read a whole book? Try reading a chapter a day. Good is better than perfect.


Are you finding yourself stressed or overtired, too much going on? Then it is time to Simplify your life? The more you put on your plate, the more calories you take in. Reduce the amount of commitments by saying NO to just one thing. You do have choices, which one will you choose?


Engage with others who inspire you and pick your friends wisely. Be a true friend, Listen more and talk less. Never interrupt. Know when to be quiet. For real listening comes from the heart and it knows exactly how to reply.


And lastly when you Face your fears, know that stepping out of your comfort zone is exactly what you are supposed to do. That is where true growth happens. Remember when one door closes another one opens. What door will you choose?


So I ask you this, "Knowing that life is not a dress rehearsal, how do you want to live your life? And if not now, when?

Now begin...Start where you stand. 



   FROM OUR GUEST SPONSOR7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book


Benefits of Writing a Book

Creating Your #1 Marketing Tool



Ann McIndoo, Author's Coach

Author, "7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book!"


Why write a book? As an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, trainer, or any professional that markets their services, having a published book Ann McIndoo photogives you a tremendous advantage over your competition. Not only does it give you a product to sell or use as a marketing, promotional or positioning tool, it makes you the expert, your book proves your expertise and provides you with credibility. Writing a book shows your passion and commitment to your business: you took an extraordinary journey and wrote a book.


Your published book will attract clients, open many doors for you to present, create new possibilities for building your business and generating income in a variety of ways.


Imagine speaking to a prospect about your services and then presenting them with a signed copy of your book! Your book is a very powerful tool that will associate you and your services to them. Whether or not they read your book, they will see it and think of you, your services and level of professionalism and commitment. A book provides you with a very powerful and influential competitive edge.


Here are some additional benefits of writing a book: 

  • Gain Credibility and Name Recognition
  • Increased Perceived Value of Your Material or Resources
  • Creating Ancillary Products
  • Building a Platform
  • Invitations to Speak
  • Higher Speaking Fees
  • Higher Consulting Fees 

Let's talk about creating a platform for your business. What does this mean? A platform is your foundation for creating ancillary products based on your content. What income-producing ancillary products can you create based on the content from your book? Lots and lots!


Here are just a few:  

  • Ebook
  • Audio Book
  • Coaching Program (Live or Recorded)
  • Workbook
  • Journal
  • Workshops / Seminars / Events
  • Videos
  • Tele-seminars
  • Podcasts

All of these products can be created based on the content of your book. You simply repurpose them and you now have products you can sell at the back of the room or online via your website and blog.


You can also create an ebook, quickly and simply, that can be listed on Amazon and Kindle.   All of these products are based on the content of your book.


Having a book can create a whole new dimension to your business online. A published book can attract attention online via your website, blog, links to other websites, press releases, internet radio interviews and pod casts. If you are interested in passive avenues of income, marketing your book and ancillary products online can produce amazing results.  


These are just a few reasons why writing a book can be a great experience, produce a phenomenal business tool and create extraordinary results for you.


To learn how to get your book out of your head and a manuscript in your hands quickly and easily, give me a call at (760) 771-8940. Let's set up a 20-minute brainstorming session, I would love to hear your book ideas!


To your writing success!




Ann McIndoo

Author's Coach

Author of "7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book!" Amazon #1 Bestseller!



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Contact Info:     Ann McIndoo

So, You Want to Write!

5508 Peninsula Drive SE

Olympia, Washington 98513

760/771-8949 Office




 Bio Paragraph:


Ann is an Author, Speaker and Author's Coach. Ann worked with Anthony Robbins as his Creative Assistant on his recent book and describes her year with Tony as "a university in the art of writing a book". She has helped authors produce more than 800 books via her Author's Coaching Program, Author's Boot Camps, Private Author Retreats and Author's CEO program. Ann has written four books of her own and is currently ghostwriting her ninth book. She can be reached at or learn more about her at


Keeping You In the Loop 




Want your life to be more organized, simplified with less stuff around you or flying around in your head?


Due to popular demand, I am combining the workshops

to include the 3 types of clutter: 



Mental, Physical and Emotional


4 Interactive Tele-Workshops


Tuesdays, April 9, 16, 23, 30

(9-10 PST - 12-1pm EST)


Thursdays, April 11, 18, 25 and May 2

 (5-6pm PST - 8-9pm EST)



NOTE: Early Bird Registration $99 for 4 sessions.  After March 27, $125 for 4 sessions

(School vacation a problem? No worries, we will work it out)

New Conference Call number and PIN will be given

  1. Dealing with and Removing Mental Clutter
  2. Too Much Stuff, What Stays and What Goes, Physical Clutter
  3. This Hurts, Emotional Clutter
  4. OMG, Get Rid of This!, Paper and Digital Clutter 4 sessions am and pm

Choose Tuesday or Thursday; can't do one but another? No problem... combine them.

To register: Email ; Subject: Workshop







To A Happy Retirement, 


With Mark Singer, Editor, Sallie Felton et al 


6 Secrets to a Happy Retirement...   



Coach in a Box

Coach in a Box  

My Newest Product: Ready to de-clutter your own life? Now you can! You will be guided step-by-step through all the stages of de-cluttering the physical, mental, and emotional areas of your life.


Check it out here: Coach in a Box





Sallie's TV Interviews


Title: IF I'M SO SMART, WHY DO I HAVE THIS CLUTTER? (The 3 forms: Mental, Physical and Emotional and how it affects us all.)

Go to: Check it out here 


Interviews with Sallie




LIVE, March 27, 2012, 12 noon PST, 3pm EST with Mella Noir on *Clink, Chat & Catch Up!*


LIVE, April 10, 2013, 9:00-(:30 am PST, 12:00-12:30 pm EST

The show - The Chi-To-Be! Experience - with Stacey Hall on Talkshoe - Call ID: 111764#

LIVE, April 10, 2013, 6pm PST, 9pm EST with Krystalya Marie on




Depression, the Unedited Version


Sallie Felton keeps you on your toes with this heartfelt discussion of honoring your own voice and living with depression.

1.   You can't change anybody unless they are willing to take the risk and walk the path.

2.   We must nurture ourselves first and replenish our souls to be the best we can be in a relationship

3.   Journaling is putting your voice on paper and honoring your truth. 

BE INSPIRED! Listen to her free replay and claim her free gift!

Click here to enjoy her inspiring REPLAY


"What would it feel like if your life were exactly the way you wanted it to be?" Email me for a free consult.





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