May 29, 2013 

Issue 149
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Sallie Felton
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Dear Sallie,






"It's in the kitchen that confidences are exchanged,

that family life takes place;

its among the remains of a meal or when you're

elbow-deep in peelings that you ask yourself

what life is all about, rather than when you're sunk

in an armchair in the sitting room."

~Benoite Groult


Time is flying, spring has sprung or sprang; proms, graduations, June weddings all around the corner. I don't know about you, but Memorial Weekend has always beckoned the arrival of the summer for me. Welcoming "the neighborhood" back and seeing old friends, asking how their winters were... rekindling. It's a time when all our extended family migrates to the water to open up the summer house. It's a weekend some might loathe; we jump at the chance to be together and get this house readied for us and the renters. Lists of "to do's" go on for 3 days followed by cleaning, washing windows, gardening, making all the beds, dusting, you name it has to be done.


I remember there were years when we were knee deep with 10 humans mulling about the confines of our small kitchen. But it never deterred us from wanting to be in the midst of it all. You see our family suffers from a terminal disease which we affectionately call FOMS...FEAR OF MISSING SYNDROME. We thoroughly enough miss each other's company and because of that, we don't want to miss anything. And for us, so much of the conversation is created and spoken in the kitchen. It's a time when we can prepare food and nurture our souls being together, sharing stories, laughing and listening.


Here's something to think about:

Tip: Is there a time or spot you choose to congregate with your family or friends? How did it touch you? What would it be like to have that "togetherness"? What would it give you? If you cannot do it with your family, could you create it with friends? By starting where you stand, right now, today...what small step could you make to bring closeness and communication into your life?



To find more ideas on how to "be your best from the inside out", continue reading.



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Upcoming: "Clutter, it can kill us"


Clutter, everyone has it - but how you deal with it is different for everyone. Listen to Sallie in PERSON as she discusses some of the key points from her new book on why you've got it and how to lose it! 


Speaking Engagement with Women on the Move, Smithtown, NY



Garden Grill, 64 N Country Rd., Smithtown, NY



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Sallie's TV Interviews

 Title: IF I'M SO SMART, WHY DO I HAVE THIS CLUTTER? (The 3 forms: Mental, Physical and Emotional and how it affects us all.)




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Depression, the Unedited Version
Sallie Felton keeps you on your toes with this heartfelt discussion of honoring your own voice and living with depression.

1.   You can't change anybody unless they are willing to take the risk and walk the path.

2.   We must nurture ourselves first and replenish our souls to be the best we can be in a relationship

3.   Journaling is putting your voice on paper and honoring your truth. 

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