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"A Fresh Start"

June 10, 2010
Vol 250 Issue 257


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Show Times: 12 Noon EST, 11am CST, 10am MST, 9am PST

Thurs., June 10, 2010

Guest: Sarah Maria Dreisbach
Body-Image Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach

Topic: Love Your Body, Love Your Life

Sarah Maria is a body-image expert, personal empowerment coach, and Chopra-certified meditation instructor. She is the leading authority on body image, and shows people how to love their bodies and their lives. She also teaches meditation, is a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner, and Yoga instructor. She shows people how to manage stress and create health and success in every area of their lives. She holds degrees in theology and international studies from Columbia University, as well as a law degree from Stanford. She speaks around the country, showing people how to feel great in and about their bodies, while developing healthy habits and successful mindsets. Her book Love Your Body, Love Your Life is currently being published and she has appeared on radio and television shows around the country.

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