July 17, 2013 

Issue 156
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Sallie Felton
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Dear Michele,   







The phone rang. I just got woken out of a sound sleep from the harbormaster telling me our boat was sinking and Crocker's Boatyard is pumping her out. What! Conway was on a tennis court so I could not get a hold of him. And we're down to one car, as mine needs new brakes, so I couldn't drive over to relay the message. All I could do was sit and wait, rewind his message in my mind. "Engine fine, not totally submerged, water was up to the top of the transom, she was sinking. We need to find where the water is coming in from."


Dazed I replied, "Thanks so much for calling, I am sure that Conway will be calling you immediately as soon as he checks his messages." And he did!


So I am sitting here at the computer, noticing my calm. With all I have seen and heard in the past week of things "being torn down, unearthed, demolished because of natural disasters or lost at sea", they are "things" not people. Yes, indeed they are prized possessions, but no one lost their lives.  Things can be replaced, people can't. Yes, it will not be the same, but is every day the same? No. Even if our boat, Mosquito Coast sank, I still have woven into my fabric 20 plus years of family memories from our kids' first voyage to last Sunday off Kettle Cove. NO ONE CAN ERASE THAT!


My point is I see so many HOLD on to what they have without noticing the best is right in front of them...their family and friends. We seem to be a society of needing to still keep up with the Joneses; our success determined by the property and toys we have. Well I am here to tell you the Joneses are moving out of the neighborhood. And you are moving to rural America. A mid-size U-Haul is arriving to carry your "stuff". What will you take; or better yet, what do you really need?


An inner tube is looking really good right now...


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 Keeping You In the Loop 
As summer is upon us, this is a time to be with your family and friends.  Celebrate the out of doors and see what appears before you that you might have missed before.  Wishing you all the best for whatever vacation you will embark upon!



In the process of creating some new workshops for the fall...stay tuned!

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 Title: IF I'M SO SMART, WHY DO I HAVE THIS CLUTTER? (The 3 forms: Mental, Physical and Emotional and how it affects us all.)




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Depression, the Unedited Version
Sallie Felton keeps you on your toes with this heartfelt discussion of honoring your own voice and living with depression.

1.   You can't change anybody unless they are willing to take the risk and walk the path.

2.   We must nurture ourselves first and replenish our souls to be the best we can be in a relationship

3.   Journaling is putting your voice on paper and honoring your truth. 

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