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"A Fresh Start"

July 7, 2010
Vol 257 Issue 264

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Show Times: 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12 noon PST

Wed., July 7, 2010

Guest: Jane Goldner
Author & Leadership Consultant

Topic: Driven to Success

Jane Goldner, Ph.D., president and founder of The Goldner Group, is one of the nation's leading authorities on talent retention and trusted advisor to Fortune 100 Companies, government and military organizations, and small to mid-sized businesses. She is also the author of Driven to Success: A 10-Point Checkup for Achieving High Performance in Business, a step-by-step business guide for leaders.

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"Stepping Stones to Success" by Sallie Felton, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and others Review: "With the plethora of 'self help' books touting finding your way to success, there is one,"Stepping Stones to Success" that stands out from the rest on the shelf, Unlike other books which promise wealth, and focus on achieving material success, "Stepping Stones to Success" focuses on the journey. The cover states, "Experts share strategies for mastering business, life and relationships". Indeed they do as they share their journeys and advice as a guide to the reader on a quest to live an authentic life. David Wright's interview style shines the spotlight on experts from all walks of life to enable the reader to use the golden nuggets of wisdom on his/her own journey. One of my favorite chapters, "Clutter from the Inside Out." is written by life coach, Sallie Felton. She explains the 'dynamics' of clutter, and as importantly, provides practical steps to de-clutter one's life physically, mentally and emotionally. Her advice is elegantly simple. Her warmth, sense of humor, empathy and compassion lower one's defenses to addressing a problem area we all struggle with. Her commitment and passion to help people experience the freedom de-cluttering brings is evident in the resources she provides to the reader including following up with her via email for further assistance." Order your own autographed copy by contacting Sallie. SHIPPING IS FREE. http://www.salliefeltonlifecoach.com/products.html

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