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  Human Language Evolution    

Human Language Evolution


All the Rules Have Changed   

All the Rules Have Changed


Dear Sallie,





"What I hear, I forget.  What I see, I remember.  What I do, I know."

~Chinese Proverb



When I first read this, I thought this person's learning style is not auditory and it rang true for me. Give me directions verbally and by the second sentence I'm in a daze; you've lost me. However, if you were to draw me a map...I remember the colors and patterns of the diagram. Yes, I am a visual learner. And if I were to perform the task by doing....I remember it clearly. Why? Because we do it by feel or touch, it's a primal instinct.


What about smell, taste, those sensory elements ring true for you? In the example of a map being drawn for me above, I don't know if this is true for you; but while someone is drawing the map, I repeat the directions slowly in my head, thus the learning/hearing is sharper.


So which of your senses is your strength? Notice when you learn which of the sensory elements you need to cement the moment of learning. Who in your family learns differently? Respect the differences of all of our learning styles; it is what makes us all unique.



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Upcoming: "Clutter, it can kill us"


Clutter, everyone has it - but how you deal with it is different for everyone. Listen to Sallie in PERSON as she discusses some of the key points from her new book on why you've got it and how to lose it! 


Speaking Engagement with Women on the Move, Smithtown, NY



Garden Grill, 64 N Country Rd., Smithtown, NY



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 Coach in a Box -

Why Can't I Get Rid of this Clutter?



Need me right beside you?  Ready to de-clutter your own life?  Coach in a Box

Now you can!  You will be gided step-by-step through all the stages of de-cluttering - the physical, mental, and emotional areas of your life.


Here's what you'll get:

  • 11 recorded lectures by author Sallie Felton inspired by each chapter in the book plus their transcripts (over 5 hours of content)



"It made a real difference in my life..." - Deborah A.


The Six SECRETS To A Happy Retirement, How To Master the Boot CampTransition of a Lifetime 



NEWEST Book with Mark Singer et al: Read 

Chapter 4: How to BE the BEST from the inside out, even after 50 by Sallie Felton, contributing author.  For a taste of what you will read and where to purchase the book, visit our Books and Downloads section on Sallie's website.





Sallie's TV Interviews

 Title: IF I'M SO SMART, WHY DO I HAVE THIS CLUTTER? (The 3 forms: Mental, Physical and Emotional and how it affects us all.)





  btr Staff Pick

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Depression, the Unedited Version

Sallie Felton keeps you on your toes with this heartfelt discussion of honoring your own voice and living with depression.

1.   You can't change anybody unless they are willing to take the risk and walk the path.

2.   We must nurture ourselves first and replenish our souls to be the best we can be in a relationship

3.   Journaling is putting your voice on paper and honoring your truth. 

BE INSPIRED! Listen to her free replay and claim her free gift!

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