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Fresh Start with Sallie Felton:Self-Care for Women (November 2008)

Sallie Felton being interviewed by CHAMPAGNE CHAT on Bubbly Talk Radio Network on March 27, 2013.

See who else is in the lineup clinking their glasses.

Read Sallie’s Article on – Positively Positive Watch Sallie’s Interview on the – SIMPLY TALKING SHOW Read Sallie’s article in Man Up Magazine – New City, New Problem



Coach in a Box Are you tied in knots? What would it feel like to have me right by your side to help and support you through this de=cluttering process? Ready to declutter your own life decluttering the physical, mental, and emotional areas of your life. NOW YOU CAN!!!

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Read Sallie’s article – Losing a Loved One Read 5 pieces written for POSITIVELY POSITIVE. How to Declutter from the Inside Out

Sallie Felton attending a B.I.G. speaking engagement with Susan Zimmerman and author Mike Michalowicz and also a small business columnist for Wall Street Journal B.I.G. speaking engagement with Susan ZimmermanB.I.G. speaking engagement with Mike Michalowicz Sallie held a B.I.G Pod Meeting in Wellesley, MA. The subject was: Taking the Plunge: How to Overcome Fear and Start that Business You’ve Been Dreaming About. View the Gallery HERE.

Read Sallie’s Englight-enging article on the popular site Feng She“Passion, A Different Take”.

The site “Positively Positive” (1 MILLION FANS!) publishes Sallie’s article: “A Lesson Learned in the Midst of Judging“.

Sallie conducted an Interactive Workshop at the Community House in Hamilton, MA: “Is your Clutter Conquering You or Are You Conquering Your Clutter?” Beverly Molander got en “lightened” by and Sallie as they discussed “Affirmative Prayer – Activating the Power of Yes”. Interesting about clutter – it can show how our mind flits from place to place; it can keep us from doing what we want to do when we want to do it; and it can even bankrupt us – robbing us of vitality and money. Do you have a storage unit you’ve been paying on monthly for years? Have you forgotten what you’re hanging onto and why?

Sallie discussed “Clutter Talk” on the Barbara Dooley Show, Georgia

Sallie joins Dr. Michael Beckwith and others from The Motivational Marathon in the “Best Ever You Magazine“. We all know about the physical clutter, but what about its 2 invisible partners? Check out Page 40 to learn more.

Read Sallie’s 5 Tips on Sending Sentiment for the Holidays (or any time) in this Ezine Article.

What’s the number one thing standing between your and your dreams? Get Sallie’s take on this and more here, at the Tacoma, WA website.

Learn things you didn’t know about Sallie, including where she might be found getting her coffee, in the Hamilton-Wenham Patch Get to Know Your Neighbor column that first appeared online on 1/3/11.

See what Sallie has to say about getting started on the right track for the new year and conquering holiday stress on Sallie was recently highlighted in an article by personal growth coach Melissa Wadsworth on the subject of understanding your self development process. click here to the full article.

Forbes Women in Business InsertSallie is a featured luminary on Click here to read Sallie’s take on the wisdom of being yourself. An interview with Sallie appears in the August 9, 2010 issue of Forbesmagazine. Profiled alongside other Boston-area women in business, Sallie discusses her own business as well as how her coaching services have helped others build and grown their businesses. Click here to read the full article

American Heart AssociationIn February, 2010, Sallie spoke at the American Heart Association in Springfield, MA on How to Be Your Best From the Inside Out: Finding Time for Yourself.
Her workshop garnered the attention of WWLP Channel 22 News in Springfield. Below is a clip of the interview Sallie did with WWLP’s Jackie Brousseau:

American Chronicle Logo

In January, 2010 Sallie talked with American Chroncile’sJay Lillie about the Ups and Downs of Life Coaching. An excerpt of her interview follows.

To read the full article, click here.

“What would it be like to live your life fully? And how can we make this happen”?Sallie Felton brings over 20 years combined experience in life coaching, start up businesses, deep imagery/visualization, and hypnotherapy.

As a fully certified CMC, PCC professional life coach/transitional specialist, she has helped thousands (both one-on-one and through her workshops) of single women, young professionals, new mothers, small business entrepreneurs, mid-life adults, empty-nesters, baby boomers, retirees and those wanting to conquer clutter to design, create and reach their goals.

Sallie Felton does not have a unique approach when dealing with her clients…but has a special GIFT of intuition and listening, deep listening and moving people forward at their own pace. Her mission is simple. It´s about creating awareness in her clients, for they know themselves better than anyone. Together they create goals, design a plan, and carry out the action needed, followed with accountability.

“There is never a right or wrong…it is all about learning moments”, she says. Her motto, “start where you stand” resonates within her and is modeled by all who are lucky enough to work with her.

Northshore Women in Business Showcase Event, November 2008

Sallie was among other professional men and women featuring and networking their businesses at the NORTHSHORE WOMEN IN BUSINESS Showcase Event held at the Danversport Yacht Club in November 2008.

Home Magazine, June 2006
“Call To Order…losing clutter, gaining peace of mind” by Jessica Dheere

Sallie Felton was quoted in the June 2006 issue of Home Magazine. The article is titled "Call to Order ... Loosing Clutter, Gaining Peace of Mind by Jessica Dheere. Click the link below to read the article.“According to Sallie Felton, a life coach in Wenham, Massachusetts, the master bedroom is the space her clients most want to put in order. And keeping this room organized ‘is key because it’s where our bodies rest and rejuvenate,’ she says. To clear out stuffed nightstands and drawers, dump the contents onto a sheet, spread them out on the bed. ‘Don’t put them on the floor,’ she cautions. ‘You’ll have to get into bed later, so there can’t be any procrastination.’ Go through the pile one item at a time and pass on what you don’t love or haven’t used recently. The home office is also a room that often needs attention. ‘Your desk is a mirror of your mind,’ says Felton. If your work area is messy, schedule a daily 5- to- 10-minute session to neaten it up. Kids’ things, especially artwork, are harder to get rid of. Felton approaches the task by keeping a box under each child’s bed. ‘Every summer, I’ll ask, ’What in this box touched your heart?’ she says. ‘If it is a picture, they might use it to wrap a friend’s present. If something has little meaning at all, they’ll dispose of it.’”

Northshore Women In Business, Newsletter, May 2006
“Connecting with…. Sallie Felton” by Ellen Skryness

Sallie K. Felton is a Life Coach in Wenham, Massachusetts. Her global clientele range from small business owners, professionals, students, career or life “transitioners” and caregivers to the disorganized and the “clutterers”. She focuses on women’s issues dealing with relationships, mid-life, self-care and self-development. “Effective coaching allows you to gain insight as to who you really are and what you really want. It concentrates on your strengths and needs while at the same time is forward thinking and action oriented, resulting in positive outcomes and goals.” Sallie’s genuine encouragement, guidance and motivation support her clients with the structure and steps it will take to help create their goals. She is a National radio talk show host who recently gave an interview for Home Magazine. She conducts workshops, teleclasses and sees clients in-person or virtually (by phone).


Sallie talks about using the power of the pen on “Mass Appeal”:

Sallie talks about “Mental Clutter” at the Wenham Library

Sallie appears as an author in the book “Stepping Stones to Success: Experts Share Strategies for Mastering Business, Life, & Relationships”

The interviews presented in Stepping Stones to Success are conducted by David Wright, President and Founder of International Speakers Network and Insight Publishing

Download your copy of Stepping Stones to Success HERE.

Sallie has written a review for Pete Siegel ‘s dynamic new book, “Top 10 PROVEN Ways Top Skyrocket Good Luck”:

“Pete Siegel has done it again! His no nonsense, straightforward approach identifies what one needs to do to make GOOD LUCK come into his/her life. No more wishing, no more wanting; you can make it happen….in every aspect of your life! As he says, “One needs to be proactive and change their mind-set”, and he details in each exercise 1-10 exactly how to do this. Bravo, Pete, you have taken another leap to get individuals to notably empower themselves!
Sallie Felton, CMC, ACC
Life Coach/ International Talk Radio Host

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