Professional Coaching

Career: For those of you who may not have found your niche, passion or want a change. Together, Coaching can create change in thinking outside the box, exploring new areas for a more satisfied and positive professional life.

Business: You are thinking of opening a new business or have an existing one, but you want to make sure that it is successful. By constructing a game plan of action steps with a Life Coach, you will move forward with less stress and more renewed confidence in your venture.

Personal Or Relationship Coaching

Marital: Has the “honeymoon” ended and reality set in? In a marriage there is the constant dance between communication and listening. With the support of your Coach, you will learn to lead with your positive strengths as you open a new door to a life together.

Significant Other: You are committed. You made that clear, but somehow things just getting a bit harder. The problems could be not enough time spent together, not feeling heard or expectations are too high. Learning how to be authentic and present is essential for moving forward. A Life Coach can help you do this one step at a time.

Parenting: There is not a job more important than this. Being a parent is a 24-hour, 7-day a week full-time and challenging job. The rewards are endless. A Life Coach and you will create strategies for troubled spots; when implemented they change the environment in the home for the better.

Children: There is not enough time in the day to fill all their needs. They don’t listen to you? Is it a battle? Let’s take those positive attributes that each has and work to learn new approaches. Learn from a Coach what patience and humor can do to end the siege. Bring a sense of peace back into your “fort”.

Adolescents: This is a time for young adults to strut their stuff. Is this a power struggle in your house? By using proven techniques for better listening and communicating, put the sense of calm back into the home. See how Coaching makes a difference.

Grandparenting: Whether they are right next-door or across the country, their style and yours are different. What would give you the best of both worlds? How could you learn to blend both? What would that look like for you? You can when those differences are understood.

Life Transition Coaching

Leaving Home: Your sense of comfort is altered, you are anxious. Whether you are off to college, leaving for a new job or getting married, leaving home can be overwhelming and anxiety ridden. By creating positive steps to move forward with this transition, a feeling of peace and joy ensues.

Premarital: O.K., so you are moving in together. You are trying to see if this relationship can withstand those ups and downs. It can be anything from leaving clothes on the floor to not spending enough time with each other. Have the support and guidance of a Coach to share some of the turbulence by learning how to navigate through some of these troubled waters with the use of positive psychology.

Becoming a Parent: You are a single parent or parents. Being a new parent can be a shock to your system. It is an overwhelming responsibility. You are exhausted. Learn how to balance your time and get a sense of peace back into your life. As a Coach, I am there to support you one hundred percent.

Separation and Divorce: Your life has not ended, but it feels like your world has exploded. You do have options and choices to move forward towards a life of happiness with one-on-one support from a Life Coach. Discover what those could be for you. There is a life after turmoil.

Empty Nesters: The children are grown, off on their own now. It could be just yourself, your spouse or another and you are left at home. You are feeling untethered, floundering, your life has revolved around caring for them all this time. Now what? With my help as a Life Coach, we will brainstorm and create an individualized plan of what is important to you and where you want to be. What is your passion?

Caregiving: Maybe you are next door, maybe not, but you are concerned about caring for an elderly person or relative. How can you be at their beck and call to make sure that they are getting the care they need and all their priorities are met? You are pulled in so many directions. Where do you feel peace of mind? As a Coach, you and I will focus on ways to better communicate with the support teams, to set up strategies and to put into place organizational systems that work for all involved.

End-of-Life: It may be you or a loved one nearing the end-of-life. There could be a sense of urgency or denial of not wanting to accept the inevitable. There could be fences to mend. It could be a time for healing wounds, positive stories, remembrances and taking stock of our lives with peace and no regrets. Learn how the values by being compassionate, patient and accepting can lead to honoring yourself or that special person. What do you want to do with this time?

Grief: This is much more than just being sad. It could be an engulfment of tremendous loss and emptiness. Slowly at your own pace, you and your Life Coach create simple ways for you to embrace this loss and to move forward, gently and respectfully.

Self-Care And Development Coaching

Fitness: Do you want to exercise more? Feeling that you have no more time in the day? You need to do something but don’t know what? By working with your strengths, we build from the inside out a fitness plan to elevate your enthusiasm and relieve the boredom so you feel more energy and satisfaction.

Weight: Your clothes don’t fit. Today the mirror told another story. By identifying what the obstacles have been, by using positive psychology and by using your strengths, we can draft a plan to assist you in shedding those unwanted pounds.

Organization And Clutter Coaching

Organization: “To organize” is a verb meaning to assemble or arrange with an orderly manner; to arrange by planning organization, n. (Webster’s Dictionary, 1993)

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I know it is here, I just can’t find it?” “This place is so disorganized and cluttered.” Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed? There is a need for a fully functional environment.

How is it done? Getting to know who you are and what is your style is critical to a successful outcome. First we create and prioritize your goals and by identifying your strengths and weaknesses we develop an individualized plan. As we pinpoint areas of procrastination, there will be accountability tasks to perform.

All of this is done to suit your pace. This is a marathon, not a sprint…one step at a time. The result will be a place where you perform at your best.

Clutter: The word “clutter” means: “a confused mass of disorder” (Webster’s Dictionary, 1993) People’s voices sigh in disbelief as they assess their own lives of clutter. Clutter can be from within and from without. Clutter comes in 3 forms: mental, physical and emotional. What is it for you?

Internally clutter looks like a mind that can’t stop thinking. The mental “to do list” never runs out of ink. There is little peace of mind. People who have external clutter often commiserate that, they don’t have to clean it up and it follows them everywhere. There are piles for the piles. They never can get a handle on it, but they all wish it would go away. Nothing is neat and orderly. With a Life Coach helping you and cheering you along the way, by taking baby steps that match your time frame and your energy, areas will be cleaned up. How important is it for you to take the next step?


With group coaching, you get the benefit of working with Sallie Felton (CMC, ACC PCC) and the support of other group members to help you meet your de-cluttering, organization and time management goals.

All classes are held virtually, via a teleconference bridge line. Register now and with every group you register for, you’ll receive a FREE 30-minute individual coaching session as Sallie’s gift to you.

Get started today by choosing a virtual group below:

FREE Conquer Clutter Teleclass

We’re offering a FREE Conquer Clutter teleclass on the first Thursday of every month from 8-9pm Eastern Standard Time. Learn the basics of decluttering, steps you can take immediately and get the support you need to keep going. Together, we’ll create an action plan to help you create and live in the positive environment you desire.

Upcoming dates for 2012: January 5, July 5, February 2, August 2, March 1, September 6, April 5, October 4, May 3, November 1, June 7, December 6

Be our guest!

Contact Sallie to register and receive the dial-in number.

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6 Secrets In 6 Weeks To A Stress-Free, Clutter-Free Home

“I have so enjoyed your tele-classes! They have inspired me to chunk out the big projects into smaller bits that make it manageable. There is something so powerful about listening in with others; it helps me feel empowered to get things done. Thank you!” – Sarah

In this group, participants will learn key steps to take to bring more simplicity into their lives and homes. In addition, you’ll also learn:

  • 5 ways to make room for what you want to come into your life, whether it be a new relationship, a hobby, or a sense of peace.
  • 3 ways we needlessly overburden ourselves and, most importantly, 3 ways to put an end to it!
  • How to make clearing your clutter a priority and resist what prevents you from taking action
  • 10 ways to make keeping up a reality. Say goodbye to merely catching up!
Classes: Ongoing
Cost: $150.00 for a 6-week workshop

Contact Sallie to register and receive the dial-in number.

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Basic Home Office Organization

Learn how to organize your home office to suit your individual needs and work habits in this 4-session teleclass workshop. You’ll learn how to apply the principles of organization to:

  • Become more effective.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Streamline your office.
  • Learn how to accommodate your specific needs.
  • Eliminate unwanted stress.
  • Transform your files into a valuable resource.
  • Create a positive environment in which to work.
  • Pinpoint areas of procrastination.
Classes: Ongoing
Cost: $120.00 for a 4-session workshop

Contact Sallie to register and receive the dial-in number.

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Clearing Paper Clutter

Buried under mounds of paper? We’ll show you how to cut through the stacks and teach you the stress-less way of organizing all those documents. You’ll learn:

  • How to decide what to keep and what to toss.
  • What you can shred.
  • How to create an organizational system that works for you.
  • How to implement paper-handling strategies to prevent piles from forming.
  • Tips to maintain momentum and stay motivated.
Classes: Ongoing
Cost: $120.00 for a 4-session workshop

Contact Sallie to register and receive the dial-in number.

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Time Management

Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list? Feeling like the harder you work, the less you get accomplish? We can help. In the Time Management workshop, we’ll teach you how to:

  • Dissect your day, week, and month.
  • Address your areas procrastination, your obstacles and your concerns.
  • Create a plan that teaches you how to restructure your time.
  • Be more productive.
  • Implement strategies that work just for you.
Classes: Ongoing
Cost: $120.00 for a 4-session workshop

Contact Sallie to register and receive the dial-in number.

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